Lu Johnson Therapy

My Journey

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My Journey To Happiness

On the outside, things were fine. I wore a big smile on my face, was the first in my family to graduate college, and was doing well financially. However, the trauma from my past haunted me. 

For many years, I found myself in one unhealthy relationship after another. In 10 years, I moved 10 times, and felt unsafe in the world and in my body. I knew something had to change, and that change would have to come from the inside out.    

I have spent the last 20 years of my life healing from childhood trauma, which has enabled me to now thrive in my life. Deep self-inquiry, self-compassion, and the willingness to interrupt old patterns has been fundamental to my healing process. 

Over time, I have accepted that although I cannot change the past, with awareness, I can create a better life for myself than what I had known as a child.

Now, I live a life that includes healthy, loving relationships, inner peace, creative expression, and real happiness.

My Role as Therapist

As a therapist, I use the tools I have learned along my own path toward healing in order to support others along their healing journey.  My role as therapist is to support my clients in creating more of what they want in their lives.    

What a Session with Me is Like

People that work with me are able to sense my warm and welcoming presence right away. They feel comfortable being themselves, they feel seen for who they really are, and they are reminded of what's great about them.

During our sessions, I not only pay attention to the words being said, but also how they are said, and the accompanying body postures and gestures. Our body, our movement, and bodily sensations can provide us with new insight into our challenges that words alone cannot always reveal.

This new insight can open the door to brand new ways of relating to ourselves, other people, and our lives. These inner changes are essential to creating a life you want.

You Can Thrive

Regardless of your past, you can create a life that is more healthy, happy, and love-filled. Faith in this is the foundation I stand upon as a therapist.   

A Little More About Me

I identify as Black, lesbian, artist, holistic therapist, faith-keeper, and lover of life. I am passionate about authentic connection, dancing, cooking, painting, and supporting others in the areas of personal growth and creative expression. 


I have earned a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 2008 and a second master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in 2019. My area of specialization is Holistic Somatic Psychology. This means that I acknowledge that the mind, body, and spirit are impacted by our life experiences and that all of these aspects of ourselves must be engaged in the healing process.

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